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The Great Hurricane 1839


Detailed and authentic account of the devastation and destruction of Life by sea and land. THE GREAT HURRICANE of the MORNING OF MONDAY; 7th JANUARY; 1839 AND THE FOLLOWING DAYS; GIVEN GRATIS TO THE PURCHASERS OF THE LIVERPOOL JOURNAL OF JANUARY 19; 1839"\n\nThis C.D. contains a faithful reproduction of the above newspaper supplement; the typeface and layout being as near as possible to the original. The area worst affected was the North of England and this is reflected by the extensive coverage of the effects on Liverpool and surrounding areas (including ships at sea) The account makes fascinating reading; giving details of the fatalities; the injured and the damage to their properties. There are also some reports for other parts of England and Ireland. The whole account has been indexed by surname. The files on the C.D. are in .pdf format and copies of Adobe Acrobat Reader are also included; should you not have it installed on your P.C.