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Surname Atlas


The British 19th Century Surname Atlas is a fully interactive CD-Rom product that allows you to plot floodfill-style distribution maps for all of the surnames and forenames found in the 1881 census of England; Scotland and Wales. Using the program is simplicity itself: just insert the CD in your drive and wait for it to load. Then enter a surname in the data entry box and hit enter. A map for that surname appears almost instantly.\nThese are some of its features:\n\n * Plot any of the 400;000+ surnames & variants that appear in the 1881 census. In many cases the maps will indicate the probable geographical origin of a surname.\n * Similarly plot any of the 160;000+ forenames; and view their popularity through time.\n * Aggregate data by county or poor law union.\n * Plot data as actual numbers; or a density (per 100;000 of the population).\n * Include any collection of name variants on each map.\n * Investigate surname elements using wildcards (e.g. *thorpe)\n * Show one or four surname maps at any one time.\n * Zoom and pan the maps to frame exactly the area you want to see.\n * Configure colours schemes; boundaries & numeric ranges.\n * Print maps; or export to the Windows clipboard